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Three Reasons You Can't Get a Job To Save Your Life

Job Dragon Job Dragon : June 6, 2022

Not getting hired for a job can be a frightening and confusing experience, especially if you've never had an issue before. You might be bewildered if it has been more than six months, and it seems like you can't get a job to save your life. These are some reasons it might be happening to you:

An Applicant Surplus

Your situation may be as it is because of an overwhelming number of people applying for the same job you desire. Most of the nation is still recovering from the pandemic, which means that many workers are trying to find new jobs all at once. Thus, you might be getting lost in the system through no fault of your own. Remember that this time is unprecedented, just like your difficulty landing a job.

A Gap in Employment

Your lack of job success might have something to do with a long hiatus from the workforce (self-employment) or a track record of experience that potential employers deem obsolete. In this case, it might take you a bit longer to grab an entry-level job than it takes other people. Keep your head raised and continue to seek jobs, or try again with the same employer if you want to work for them.

An Actual Block

Hiring blocks aren't very common, but they do happen. Some corporations might be working together to ensure that you don't get any work. Or it could be a single corporation or organization, and the block could be malicious. You can't do much if they are dead set on stopping you.

But let's look at a more likely reason and consider that someone might be leaving you a negative reference. It may be a former employer or someone you used to be friends with whom no longer wishes you well.

Maybe you need to review your references and stop putting the same people on the document. If you don't have any job references you can trust anymore, you might want to consider using an educational instructor or someone you have a solid business relationship with.

One day your struggle will end. You'll either land a job, or another opportunity will come your way. Keep trying, and you'll turn one of those failures into a new career.