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The Most Profitable Freelance Jobs in 2018

Job Dragon Job Dragon : March 12, 2018

Deep Learning

Deep learning is not your average freelance field. You will need to be able to work with algorithms and know programming languages such as C++, Perl, Python, Java and TensorFlow. You will likely also need a degree and/or experience solving machine learning problems. Even so, the rewards for working in this field as a freelancer as well worth it. It has been estimated that freelance deep learning professionals earn an average hourly salary of over $115.

Blockchain Professionals

Developers and/or digital architects who are looking for rewarding work may want to consider working as freelance blockchain professionals. Blockchain jobs include not only working with cryptocurrency platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin but also doing jobs for companies that are using blockchain technology to track goods and information. Freelance jobs in this field pay an average hourly salary of $87 an hour.

Robotics Jobs

Robotics technology may be eliminating a lot of jobs but it is also creating new, high-paying jobs for those with the right skills. If you are familiar with mechanical engineering and know how to use software programs such as SolidWorks, eDrawings and Photoview 360, you may want to consider looking for freelance robotic jobs. Jobs in this field include helping to design, build and even repair machinery and the average hourly pay comes to just under $77.50 an hour.

Penetration Testing

As the name implies, penetration testers attempt to hack into computer programs in order to look for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by genuine hackers. Penetration testers need to be familiar with coding, programming, security programs and more in order to find good freelance jobs. The average hourly pay for self-employed individuals in this field comes to $66.44.

Freelance jobs can not only provide the flexible schedule you need but also a high annual salary. If you are serious about this line of work, consider the jobs outlined above to see if one of the would be a good fit for your personality, skills and abilities.