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Is Procrastination Killing Your Career?

Job Dragon Job Dragon : March 19, 2019

We all deal with procrastination at times. However, some people find procrastination to be a life affecting problem. Here are a few signs that procrastination could be killing your career and some tips on how to fix it.

You Miss Deadlines Without Good Reason

Life happens and sometimes derails the best plans. However, if you find yourself constantly missing deadlines and cannot pinpoint why, you might have a problem with compulsive procrastination. Take an honest evaluation of the last few deadlines you have missed. Can you write out a detailed, relevant reason as to why you missed the deadline? If the answer is no, then you only have procrastination to blame.

You Only Complete Tasks When Someone Nags You

If you constantly need a boss, spouse or co-worker to nag you into accomplishing something that is a good sign that your procrastination is out of control. Over the long haul, this will begin to affect your work life. Although a boss is the boss for a reason, no one wants to constantly nag grown-ups into doing what they already know they should be doing anyway. Procrastinators often view naggers as the bad guys. But you should honestly ask yourself this question, “Why are they nagging me?“ If the answer is, “Because I've not accomplished anything,” then the problem does not lie with them, but rather with you.

You Can Change

The good news is that you can change. If you think your procrastination is on a compulsive level, meaning you feel you have little control over it, then speaking with a therapist can be very helpful. A therapist can help you understand why you procrastinate and give you tips for how to better manage your time.

Procrastination can be a serious and life altering compulsion. Understanding why you procrastinate can help you make better choices and get more accomplished at work and in life.