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How to Work With Coworkers Who Gossip

Job Dragon Job Dragon : December 16, 2020

As times change, some unfortunate elements become a bigger part of the modern workplace. Gossip is one of those unfortunate elements. You might come across people who like to gossip to you and about you at your current place of work. Here are some tips on how to deal with it if you come across it.

Don't Fuel the Flame

The best way to handle gossiping coworkers is to avoid adding fuel to the fire. Don't give your coworkers any information that you don't want them to spread around the entire establishment. If you stay consistent with your privacy efforts, the gossippers will get tired of prying and seek information elsewhere.

Excuse Yourself From the Conversation

You can also politely excuse yourself from the conversation if the gossippers come to you to try to get you involved with the activity. You can do it without being rude or out of character. For example, you might want to make something up. Tell your coworkers you have to go to the bathroom and walk off to avoid getting involved.

Give Uncertain Answers

Finally, you can give neutral answers if you don't want it to seem obvious that you're trying to avoid your coworkers. Answer with, "I'm not sure" or "I don't know" if one of your coworkers asks you for a personal opinion about a supervisor or coworker. That way, you can avoid being put in a conversation that you weren't a part of. Many gossippers like to rope people into saying things that they can distort and spread. Giving a neutral answer around several other people is an effective tactic to avoid that.

You should improve your workplace relations if you put some of the previously mentioned tips into action. You'll find a way to navigate through the foolishness and succeed in your job.