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How to Tell Which Topics Are Inappropriate at Your Job

Job Dragon Job Dragon : July 14, 2021

Because we all come from different backgrounds and upbringings, it's sometimes hard to tell what's appropriate and inappropriate in the workplace. To make matters worse, we sometimes find that our workplace culture seems highly inappropriate. Don't feel bad if you struggle with knowing what's acceptable or unacceptable in the workplace. These are three things that will help you to stay in the right lane:

Always Be Respectful

The best way to avoid doing or saying something inappropriate at work is always to be respectful. Respectful behavior means being mindful of your environment and the people around you and making sure you don't say or do anything that might offend them or hurt them in any way. A good rule-of-thumb practice is to keep it all professional.

Check the Handbook

Your employer should have given you a handbook that outlines the behaviors they expect and the behaviors that warrant disciplinary action. You can reference the handbook if you ever wonder if something you're doing or saying is inappropriate. Alternatively, you can refer to the employee intranet to see if you can find the subject matter you seek and obtain your answers from there.

Ask if You're Confused

You can also go directly to a superior if you're unclear about a specific action or phrase. Most places of employment have an open-door policy that allows workers to speak one-on-one with the boss or have a three-person meeting if a problem exists. You can feel free to talk to these people at any time and ask the questions you need to ask without having anyone passing judgment on you.

If you use all three methods above, you should never have an issue with being inappropriate. As mentioned before, you can always ask questions if you're uncertain about anything. You have that right as an employee.