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How to Create a New You in 2019 With an Abundance Mentality

Job Dragon Job Dragon : December 19, 2018

If 2018 was not all you wanted it to be, then why not take the New Year as your opportunity to turn it around. With an adjustment in mindset you can really begin to see changes in your life that will quickly move you toward achieving your goals.

What is Scarcity Mindset?

One contributing factor to much disappointment when pursuing goals is a scarcity mindset. This is a mindset which says that there is not enough for everyone, so I am going to miss out. This can apply to anything, money, job opportunities, relationships, literally anything. A scarcity mindset with shut you down emotionally and stop your from taking the steps that would actually lead toward the fulfillment of your goals. In other words you create a self-fulfilling prophecy for yourself. You say you are going to fail and you do fail, not because you are a failure, but because you do not believe in the possibility of your own success.

What is Abundance Mindset?

Abundance mindset is exactly the opposite. Abundance mindset tells us that there is enough. Simple as that, there is enough. There are enough job opportunities, and mine is right around the corner. There is enough money, I just need to budget more carefully. There is enough of whatever I need. This mindset has a funny way of then pushing us in the direction from which these needs will then be fulfilled. It creates another self-fulfilling prophecy, but this time it is positive, not negative. It may not sound very powerful, but give it a try. You literally have nothing to lose but a bad attitude.

If you think you have tried everything to turn your job search around, why not try one more thing. Change that scarcity mindset into a mindset of abundance and see what happens.