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How Building A Personal Brand Could Fuel Your Career Progression

Job Dragon Job Dragon : March 21, 2018

Personal branding is becoming essential in the modern world since people tend to listen and trust individuals than companies. Furthermore, it offers you an opportunity to establish a strong personal reputation and unique identity while still maintaining a personal level of interaction with other people through various online platforms.

Personal Branding Fuel Success

Typically, success brings more success, and it’s your brand that will tell your story to the masses. There is a direct and robust relationship between your career growth and your brand. The two aspects fuel each other in a special way. Personal branding will help you push through limitations and as your brand grows, so does your career life.

Your chances of career growth will increase and encourage you to aim for bigger goals. Your credibility will distinguish you from your peers. At a time when everybody has educational qualifications, it’s your brand that will offer you the much-needed competitive advantage.

Your Personal Brand Will Help You Build An Audience, And An Audience Is a Leverage

When you develop a strong personal brand online, you will have a lot of people listening to what you have to say. They will eagerly be waiting for your next blog post, video, or article. So, technically, you have an audience, and when you have an audience, you have access to people’s attention. In fact, people's value on the internet is measured in terms of their audience sizes.

If someone walks into a room and he says that “I have one million Twitter followers” everyone will want to listen to them. Now, imagine if a corporation has to decide between hiring you and someone else who has the same portfolio as you but with 100,000 YouTube subscribers who listen to what he says. That is value, and that value comes from personal branding.