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Growing Manufacturing Job Openings in the United States

Job Dragon Job Dragon : January 11, 2017

Contrary to popular opinion, not all companies are shipping manufacturing jobs to other countries. In fact, recent trends indicate that a number of companies are either opting to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States and/or are reshoring jobs that were shipped abroad in years past. Following are some tips for obtaining one of the many jobs that are now available in this sector.

Learn Specialized Manufacturing Skills

Recent estimates show that the United States will have over three million skilled manufacturing jobs available over the next decade. If you are interested in a high paying manufacturing job, consider learning specialized skills that will enable you to work with automated welding machines and other computers used by advanced manufacturing plants.

Choose the Right Sector

Companies manufacturing medical equipment and supplies are less likely to outsource productions that companies that manufacture other goods. That is because manufacturers in the medical industry are subject to frequent inspections from the FDA and other regulatory industries. Furthermore, the manufacturers must be in constant communication with medical engineers who live in the United States, making outsourcing impractical.

Get a Degree

While manufacturing jobs for individuals who have nothing more than a high school education have been rapidly decreasing, job opportunities for manufacturing employees who have an associate’s degree have risen by about 17%. A growing number of employers are looking for educated employees as shown by the fact that one in five manufacturing employees now has a graduate degree.

While manufacturing jobs are not as plentiful as they once were, there are still plenty of job opportunities available in this sector. What is more, the jobs offer better pay than they did in times past. If you are interested in a manufacturing job, consider the above tips in order to find a stable, profitable job that you are qualified for.