Turn a Part Time Position Into a Full Time Position

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Turn a Part Time Position Into a Full Time Position

Those who have part time work but need a full time job may need to look no further than their present place of employment. Following are some tips on how to encourage your part time boss to hire you as a full time employee.

Ask About Full Time Job Opportunities

See if there is allowance in your part-time job contract for you to apply for full time job positions as they arise. If not, ask about such openings and how you could apply for one that you are qualified for.

Go Over and Above the Call of Duty

Do more than what you are paid to do. This does not necessarily mean doing large jobs; in fact, regularly doing small jobs with excellence is what is likely to get you noticed.

Have a Good Attitude

Your employer will not only look at your skill set and qualifications but also your attitude. Being cheerful, helpful, easy to get along with and a good team player are important qualifications that can mean the difference between gaining full time employment and being passed over.

Be Willing to Learn New Job Skills

<The reason many employers hire part-time workers as opposed to full time ones is to save company money. However, if you can show value as a full time employee, you may be considered for full time employment. One way to do this is to expand your skill set so that you can take on work that would ordinarily be handled by two or even more employees. Brushing up on a second language, learning to use a new computer program and/or taking one or more training courses are all good ways to expand your skill set and become the valuable full time employee your company may be looking for.

Look the Part

Dress like a professional, even if you do not interact with company customers. Your clothes do not have to be expensive, but they should be clean, neat and in accordance with company dress codes. Avoid heavy make-up, gaudy jewelry and wearing sunglasses at work. If you have tattoos, keep these covered if possible.


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