Medical Careers That Don’t Require Extensive Schooling

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Medical Careers That Don’t Require Extensive Schooling

The healthcare field continues to boom, with no end in sight. Most people think of the shortage of qualified nurses when this field comes to mind. What if you are young and just starting out in the workforce, though? You might not have the desire or time to attend an extensive college program in order to be trained as a nurse.

Fortunately, there are a number of jobs that are considered entry-level, or that require little training and time investment before you can begin working. Use the following careers as a way to get your foot in the door of one of the fastest growing job fields in the world.

Home Health Care Worker

As many of the aging population choose to stay home rather than move to care facilities, the need for workers to help them with everyday tasks skyrockets. In this role – which often requires only a high school diploma – you might help your patient dress or bathe, provide transportation to appointments or cook simple meals. In some cases, you might also be expected to change dressings and monitor vital signs, but these duties are overseen by a nurse.

Emergency Medical Technician

If you are looking for a fast-paced career that could be a good stepping stone to other jobs in the healthcare field, becoming an emergency medical technician (EMT) could be perfect for you. Some localities require only six months of training before you can enter the field at the basic level. Because you will work with many different types of scenarios in this position, it is also a fantastic way to help you narrow down your area of interest.


After only about a year of training, you can then seek out jobs as a phlebotomist. These professionals are trained to draw blood in a number of different situations ranging from the critical to the routine. While you, of course, must be comfortable working with both people and their blood, this career allows you to work in a variety of different settings, such as hospitals, medical offices and blood donation sites.


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